1:13:13 on 1/1/13

So far, I like 2013. I’ve spent some time getting myself organized – updating the resume, planning a study schedule for the RD exam, doing some freelance work, updating my dietetic internship portfolio – and always feel better when “my ducks are in a row” (<– hate that saying). Today I started my last rotation of the dietetic internship, and will be spending the next three weeks at an HIV/AIDS clinic. I wasn’t able to spend a whole lot of time with that population in the hospital, so it should be really interesting and hopefully a great learning experience to end the internship with (!!).

But let’s talk about running for a few. Since I’m no longer sick, Coach John assigned a somewhat simple workout to ease me back into things:

  • 6 x 1:30 minute pick-ups with equal rest in between

Thinking it would be a fabulous way to ring in the New Year, I did the workout on January 1 probably while most people were still sleeping. And it was awesome. We (my running store co-workers and I) were given some new shoes on Monday – Mizuno Wave Rider 16s – and I couldn’t wait to take them out for a spin.


Coach John in yellow, me in pink, Simon in blue

I’ve never worn Mizuno’s before, but they felt great. The shoe has a very unique fit – wide in the toebox with a narrow heel, a little extra heel cushioning – and I’m really digging it. Not sure if they will replace my beloved Brooks Ghosts as the go-to training shoe, but I think they may give them a run for their money (also, yayyy for free shoes!).

For the workout, I warmed up about 2 miles before starting the repeats down West Drive, nailed them, and cooled down for a few more miles around the bridle path before doing some strides.

Screen shot 2013-01-01 at 6.17.14 PM

I’m not/don’t feel super speedy yet (ha, am I ever?), but think I’m heading in the right direction and ended the workout feeling good and ready for something harder next week. I found out maybe 10 days ago that I got into the NYC Half on March 17, so that’ll be my next goal race in addition to the still TBD spring marathon in May (seriously, need to figure this out soon).

As I headed back from the park and neared my apartment, I realized how close I was to running for 1:13:13, so of course ran around the block to hit it exactly. Because running for 1:13:13 on the first day of 2013 has to be good luck, right?


or maybe I’m just crazy

I like how Oiselle is terming this year “Lucky 13” (and just announced their new partnership/sponsorship of one of my favorite athletes, Lauren Fleshman), and think I may even adopt that as my own mantra for the year. It’s going to be a good one, I know it.

Question: What’s your go-to training shoe? Do you alternate different ones? I currently have the Brooks Ghost, Saucony Ride, Asics Nimbus, Brooks Glycerin and Brooks Pure Flows in the rotation, which I know is an abnormally obnoxious amount but most of them were free or drastically discounted (major plus to working at a running store!)

11 thoughts on “1:13:13 on 1/1/13

  1. Abby

    I so WANT the rider 16! We haven’t gotten seed shoes yet, but I hope we do soon. I love the new upper. I run in a lot of shoes (working at a running store affords us that privilege), but my favs are: Nike Zoom Elite, Brooks Ravenna, and Mizuno Wave Precisions.

    1. MealsforMiles

      it’s a great shoe! Haha, I haven’t worn any of those since I’m totally neutral, but really like the Ravenna’s for light stability in others

  2. Kimra

    I just got Adrenaline 13s (after running out of my stockpiled 11s) and I’m undecided on them, which is kind of a bummer. Right now I’m rotating them with a pair of Ravennas and I might also drag out my Trances but try them without orthotics this time. I kind of want to see if a neutral shoe + orthotics could work for me, but I’m scared!

    1. MealsforMiles

      ooh I think you should totally try it! that’s what I do and have been injury free every since. Maybe go to a running store with a treadmill and a camera and see how you look in them?

  3. runningseal

    I want to get the Pure Drifts! I have the Brooks ST Racers, T6s, Launch, Pure Cadence, Pure Flow and Pure Connects in varying amounts of usage. I needs Brooks to sponsor me 😛

    1. MealsforMiles

      haha yes you do. I want to try the drifts too! I don’t think we have them at JR yet but will probably get them…

  4. Shannon

    Thank you for the comments on the Mizuno’s. Those are the exact style of shoes I need, wide toe box, narrow heel. I just got a snazzy new air of Kayano 19’s, LOVE! As far as your spring marathons go…this is just me being TOTALLY selfish, but there’s the OC Marathon on May 5th and the San Diego Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon on June 2nd. I’m partial to the OC marathon because A)you can stay with us and B) it’s closer than SD, hahaha. But since arline tickets are usually ridiculously expensive I’d understand if you want to run closer to home. :-)

    1. MealsforMiles

      you should try them, Shannon! They’re great. Hahaha, I hadn’t even considered those options but since you offer…. maybe I’ll look into them! I’d love to come out and see you if my finances get better. But won’t you also be giving birth around that time?? :)

      1. Shannon

        I’m not due until middle/end of June, I should be fine for the OC Marathon, just waddling around like a penguin. The San Diego Marathon could be cutting it close, but you never know. Our place is always open to you, anytime you want to come out!

  5. Emily

    When my foot heals, I’ve been thinking about trying some new shoes. I’m pretty dedicated to Asics 2170s. I’ve never really run in anything else. I’ve been tested at a running store to make sure I am right with the fit. I pretty certain I need a stability shoe. Maybe I’ll try Brooks Adrenalines. Any samples hanging around the store that need a test run… in Chicago…?


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