good things, training recap

Thank you so much for all of the messages, tweets and comments of congratulations :)  

I’m still pretty over the moon excited and honored to finally be an RD (oh who am I kidding, I will be probably for the rest of life), and maybe even better, I feel like I’m finally digging out of the dark hole of depression and uncertainty that seemed to have been taking over the past few months. Good things are happening (<– hopefully I can be more detailed about that soon!).


congratulatory carrot cake cupcakes from my friend Jenn and Dr. Levine

Running was good last week too, and it’s probably the only thing that kept me sane during the crazy studying and nervous breakdowning leading up to the RD exam on Thursday.

Monday – easy yoga & stretching

Tuesday – 10 miles, 8 x 3:00 pick-ups with 1:30 rest, lifting
This workout kicked my ass, it hurt and I did not like it much at all. But PRs are not made from easy running, are they?

Wednesday – 8.3 miles, easy in the pouring rain/wind
Probably the only thing that got me through this one was Betsy, and I am still kind of amazed we managed to carry on a normal conversation and run throughout a monsoon. Before heading to the library and class later in the day, I stopped for some ART/Graston from Dr. Levine. He focused on the Achilles (which has been feeling good!) and my ever-tight quads, piriformis and IT bands. Pain, but worth it.

Thursday – 8 miles, easy with 5 x 30 second strides, lifting
Felt better than expected following Tuesday’s hard workout and the monsoon run (maybe thanks to the loosening up from Dr. L), so did strides at the end of the run and the legs felt super peppy and quick.

Friday – 4 miles, easy and 45 minute spin class
Wanted to get in some miles on the bridle path but not too many, so ran to the gym to reserve a spin bike and then did a few bridle loops. Was back at the gym just in time for spinning, but there was a sub for my favorite instructor (fail). The workout was decent but the music terrible – all techno crap – and I didn’t leave as sweaty and exhilarated as the usual class. Ah well.

Saturday – 14 miles, with 5 minutes @ a little faster than HMP, 2 minutes rest, 10 minutes @ MP, 3 minutes rest x 3, 5 minutes @ a little faster than HMP aaand finish the run
Another semi-crazy Coach John workout-in-the-long run, which started out pretty slow with a long bridle loop up to Columbus Circle. At first I wasn’t sure if the workout would be doable, but duh, you’re just warming up. Stop with the doubt. Once I got down to the West Side Highway everything clicked into place and the workout felt awesome. Similar to my long run workouts last training cycle, marathon pace (~8:10/mile) felt like the perfect sweet spot I could hang on to for a while but still feel challenged.

Screen shot 2013-03-03 at 7.57.57 PM

I didn’t take all of the splits, but made sure the MP minutes were right on target. The run was a good confidence booster after Tuesday’s workout, and helped me realize I still have a good amount of fitness lurking somewhere.

Sunday – 7 miles, easy and lifting
Early run with Betsy, the legs felt a little tired after Saturday’s run but our chatting was a good distraction and I didn’t really notice it.

Total: 51.3 miles

The NYC Half is in less than two weeks (how did that happen?), so per Coach John my workouts will be a little more HMP focused until then. It’ll be my first race of 2013 – I kind of can’t believe I haven’t raced in almost three months. While I definitely like focusing on training sometimes, I think you need a race here and there to mix things up, gauge your fitness and have some fun.

What about you? Have you raced yet this year? Race plans before your big goal race this spring?

7 thoughts on “good things, training recap

    1. MealsforMiles

      thanks man :) I hope that race is fun in DC! And yayy for the cheering, I will be excited to see you (if not before??)

    1. MealsforMiles

      yes it was so nice! yeah, subs are a gamble, and it makes you realize how important music is for some of those classes!

  1. Meggie

    that is so nice that he gave you a carrot cake cupcake!

    I can’t believe the NYC half is coming up because it doesn’t feel like spring outside yet. I want that groundhog to redefine what he meant by “early spring”

  2. runningseal

    OMG congratulations!!!!! Just catching up now. I’m so happy for you :) I’ve only done the manhattan half as a training run. It’s prob the least I have raced ever. I’m signed up for the NYC half but may not be really racing it either. Focused on the end goal…


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