streaking, tree run, etiquette {weekly recap}

After working what seemed like 35827 days straight, I’m finally on vacation for one whole week(!!). Besides the (irrational) guilt I’m feeling for being away from my patients and colleagues who have to cover my units, it felt pretty good to “sleep in” until 6:30 this morning and run a leisurely 8.5 miles in the daylight of snowy Central Park.

Sometimes I don’t know what to do with myself with this much time off, but there are about a million things on my to do list before heading to Buffalo this weekend. Mainly, a semi-annual trip to the Target in Harlem, lots of cleaning, finishing the Christmas shopping, seeing some friends and doing other fun holiday things.


definitely baking these Nutella cookies – my holiday specialty

Having time off also makes me want to run even more, but I’m trying to keep the mileage in check because things are a little achy following Saturdays race. The #RWRunStreak is still alive, though, so here’s a recap of last week’s running:

Monday: 2 miles super easy in freezing rain, 50 minutes yoga

Tuesday: 8.25 miles with 1, 2, 3s x2 (1 minute on, 1 off, 2 on, 2 off and so on) with Betsy, strength (arms, abs).
Wanted to do an easy workout due to the weekends race, and this one felt pretty good but didn’t take too much out of us.

Wednesday: 8.5 miles easy, strength (abs, legs)
This run felt great aside from a minor altercation with a fellow runner who apparently never learned manners or running etiquette during his presumably miserable life. On the roads in Central Park, there two lanes for runners going in either direction, and they are clearly marked with outlines showing which lane you should be in based on the direction you’re running. VERY SIMPLE. I was heading up West Drive in the correct lane, and this guy (in a green shirt, shorts and glasses) comes barreling towards me in my lane (the wrong lane for him), and not only would have run me over had I not moved at the last second, but proceeded to call me a profane name as he passed. Whaaatt? I stopped, turned around and shouted back and really had to stop myself from going after this immense D-bag. I like most runners I come into contact with, but I guess just like everything else, there are some assholes out there (also, karma is a bitch).

Thursday: 8 miles with Betsy and Jenny
Betsy, Jenny and I have been talking about a “tree run” to Rockefeller Center early one morning to see the tree minus tourists. We met at our usual spot in the park and ran up Fifth Avenue (so festive, but so touristy during the day!) and quickly arrived at the glorious tree. I don’t care how old I am, seeing the tree for the first time always gets me so excited.


It was a very festive day, because after work we had our nutrition department holiday party. We weren’t sure we would have enough baked goods…


dietitians like cookies

Friday: 7 miles easy, strength (abs)

Saturday: 12.5 miles total, including Ted Corbitt 15K Race (1:11:47, 7:43/mile – 2 minute PR)

Sunday: 7.25 miles super easy
The roads were pretty slick from Saturdays snow, so was forced to take it slow. Probably a good idea anyways!

Total: 53.5 miles. Feeling pretty good overall, the goal is to keep this up for the rest of the year and start more structured marathon training in January.

Question - do you follow proper runner etiquette? ever come across someone like I did? What did you do???

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  • Joe

    I’m impressed with the miles in this weather and holiday time. You get extra credit this week.

  • Emilia @ Run for Your Life

    I often run on a crushed gravel path around the perimeter of Rice University and there are parts where there’s just barely enough room for two people to be running in opposite directions. There are these two ladies who I see side by side almost every morning, one power-walking, the other jogging at the same pace, and they always refuse to move when they hear me coming. I’ve heard them mutter snarky comments after I huff out an “on your left” and try to weave around them. I have yelled out a “share the path!” before…some people just suck.

    • MealsforMiles

      ugh, that is so obnoxious! I really don’t understand how people can only not get it but be jerks about it too.

  • Susan – Nurse on the Run

    I don’t understand how people don’t get the “rules” in Central Park, especially when the lanes are clearly marked. Bikers end up in the running/pedestrian lanes (usually tourists, but there are PICTURES, so please, follow them), runners get mad if you’re in their way. I was running on the line once and a guy yelled at me for being in his lane…and you could have put a person between us since I wasn’t even in the lane. People make me angry. But yay for a tree run!

    • MealsforMiles

      that is so annoying! And, one great reason to run early in the morning – at least there are no tourists.