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Last week brought a lot of running, some changes and other pretty good happenings. After almost two years (!!), I left my Sunday job at the running store (i.e., Jack Rabbit). In addition to my full-time job at the hospital, I’ve been lucky enough to have some part-time nutrition counseling opportunities present themselves, so I jumped at them. I’m also trying to see more private clients, so if you’re interested in more information about that, visit my new Nutrition Services page :)


this was how I took advantage of my running store discount for the last time…

In running news, I think I’m mostly decided on running the New Jersey Marathon on April 27, so training is pretty much in full force as the race is only 14 weeks away (!!). One of the goals this training cycle is to do more quick stuff in workouts (400s – yikes) and more races. First up following last week’s 10K is the Fred Lebow/Manhattan Half next weekend, so workouts this week were tailored to that with the help of Coach John.

Monday: 4 miles easy, 50 minutes yoga

Tuesday: 9.25 miles with 5 x 800m repeats, 400m rest in between at goal pace of ~7:12, strength (abs, arms)
John told me to do this workout at 10K pace, and this was definitely quicker but completely doable. It felt really good to move my legs at a speedy (for me) pace. Hopefully this means I have a 10K PR to look forward to at some point soon! The second-last repeat was extra quick because this guy was trying to pass me on the reservoir track and I was not having it. Competitive much?

Screen shot 2014-01-20 at 8.50.30 AM

Had the day off due to working on Saturday, so went to Dr. Levine for some much-needed ART. I was really sore when I went in, but Dr. L worked his magic and I left his office feeling 100% better. Love when that happens!

*Dr. Levine will be at Jack Rabbit Upper East Side tomorrow (Tuesday) at 7:00 p.m. if you want to meet him and see what ART and Graston are all about!

Wednesday: 8.5 miles with Betsy, strength (abs, legs)
Nothing exciting about this run except for the presence of Betsy – we hadn’t run together in weeks and I barely remember the running due to our chatter.

Thursday: 9.25 miles, strength (abs, arms)

Friday: 8 miles easy, strength (abs, legs)

Saturday: 7.5 miles, 15 minutes yoga for runners
Had to work at the hospital so moved the long run to Sunday. I love doing even a little bit of yoga after running – it’s a great way to cool down and get in a good stretch.


favorite pre-long run fuel: homemade pizza, small glass of wine

Sunday: 15.25 miles, 5, 10, 10, 5 workout, strength (abs)
Even though I’m focusing primarily on marathon training, this workout is a good half marathon prep for next weekend. I warmed up for 5.5 miles in the park and then started the workout along the West Side Highway – 5 minutes between 10K-HM pace, 3:30 easy, 10 minutes HM pace, 5:00 easy, back down to 10 at HM pace, 4:00 easy, back down to 5  between 10K-HM pace and finish the  run. I programmed the workout on the Garmin Connect website and transferred it to my new Garmin 220 – life-changing. The watch vibrates and beeps if you aren’t in your set pace range, which is super helpful to stay on track (and also a little annoying because it won’t stop until you are at goal). It was so nice to not have to remember to hit splits or watch out for when my repeats would end. My legs were kind of toast after the workout, but it felt awesome to get in a solid long run.

Screen shot 2014-01-19 at 4.45.53 PM

Total: 61.75 miles. Really looking forward to this training cycle and the year ahead.

Question: If you had a shopping spree at a running store, what would you buy first?

10 thoughts on “running, changes, nutrition services {weekly recap}

  1. Marie

    Heh, glad you took advantage of that discount! I’ve been drooling over the new kinvara trail shoes but can’t really justify trail shoes at 19 wks pregnant. Then I’d go for the cute jackets and tights I can’t afford.
    Exciting to start another marathon training cycle! I shall train vicariously through you. :)

    1. MealsforMiles

      it was an awesome discount and I am so sad it’s gone! haha. I bet some winter stuff will be going on sale soon, so that’s exciting!

  2. Kimra

    Oh man, if I could have a running store discount blow-out, I’d probably go for sports bras first and then shoes! I’d try out all the shoes I’ve always been curious but nervous to spend money on. So fun!

    1. MealsforMiles

      that’s a good idea! I’ve loved being able to try so many different shoes. Also, can’t go wrong with the right sports bra!

  3. Outside Time

    Now that’s a shopping spree! I would probably splurge on one of the new Garmins and a new running jacket, since I’m a big baby about the cold and a sucker for expensive outerwear…

  4. RunTheLongRoad

    love the nutrition services page — good for you!

    hmm, i’d stock up on shoes first and then get a nice jacket or warm outer layer that is usually so damn expensive. clearly, i have given this a lot of thought 😉


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