NJ marathon training catch-up

Busy! That’s how the last couple of weeks have been. Lots of working and lots of running, which has left me just a little too exhausted to do much else, even though I’m trying. I keep reminding myself that I don’t have to run as much as I am, but once out in the park that feeling just takes over and I don’t want to stop. Especially since my beloved bridle path is finally back with all of the snow, ice and mush melted away. I think higher (for me) mileage helped me get through fall marathon-palooza with two decent races, even though they weren’t exactly what I’d hoped for. So I guess we’ll see how it works out this spring. Or to be more specific, in less than five weeks (!!).

Week of 3/9:
Tuesday workout: ~2.5 miles warm-up, 4 x 10-12 minutes at tempo pace with 2 minutes rest in between, ~2 miles cooldown
Long run workout:* 18.5 total miles with: ~2 miles warm-up, 4 x 5 minutes between 7:30-7:45 pace, 65 minutes easy, 4 x 5 minutes between 7:30-7:45 pace, ~3-4 miles cooldown
All other runs were easy paced, between 7.5-10 miles with a super-easy 3 miler on Monday and a few yoga classes throughout the week.
Total: 68.25 miles
*highlight: seeing Meb (in town for the NYC Half) on the bridle path during my cooldown and getting a handshake/hug. He’s the best, and I think this means we’re friends now.


NYC Half spectating, pro men

Week of 3/17:
Wednesday workout: 12miles total with: ~2 miles warm-up, 8 x 800 with 400m rest in between sets, ~3-4 miles cooldown
Long run workout: 20.5 total miles with: 7 miles warm-up, 5 minutes at 7:45 pace, 2 minutes rest, 10 minutes 7:50 pace, 5 minutes rest, 15 minutes 8:00 pace, 5 minutes rest, 10 minutes 8:00 pace*, 5 minutest rest, 5 minutes 8:00 pace*, ~5 miles cooldown
*paces should have been more like the first two sets, but there was a gnarly headwind coming up the Hudson. And also… tired.
All other runs were 8-11 miles with a rest day on Monday, and fairly easy-paced with the exception of Friday, which was more of a “steady state” kind of run to pick things up a bit. Also did yoga a few times, which I’m trying to do more of on a regular basis for stretching and strength.
Total: 71.75 miles

When I didn’t get into the NYC Half lottery I signed up for the Philly Love Half, which is next weekend. Even though I’m pretty much “training through” the race, I may do a mini-taper of sorts because I really want to give myself a chance to PR. My half marathon goal for this year is to go sub-1:40, so we’ll see what happens!

And since I like thinking ahead, this is happening on October 12.


2 thoughts on “NJ marathon training catch-up

  1. RunTheLongRoad

    NICE mileage!!! and chicago — very high up on my list of must-do marathons!

    i’m very excited about the LOVE half this weekend, although i’ll be running like a turtle :( i hope to see you there!


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